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May 23, 2009 "Warning" = Please Read This....
May 20, 2009 come and join the hamster lover club...
May 17, 2009 cream has now giving birth to 6 pups
May 15, 2009 Please read this...... about my hammy....

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Please read this...... about my hammy....

Friday May 15, 2009 11:17:00 AM

today may 15 2009 about 7pm.. coffee and cream was attcked by a house rat. i was asleep when this happen, i heard them screaming [fighting like noise] so i rush on my knee and i was surprised when i saw that coffee is laying inside their house while a large house rat (doble his size) biting him on his neck... when i saw him he was trying to survived and i was surprised more when i saw cream on the door of the hose standing and giving the house rat a punch (u know when they fight they always do that like a pro boxer). i was touch when i saw that scene... she really wants her husband free from that rat and one thing, she was the one screaming.. im glad i heard it.. i scare the mouse away, i saw a big cut on coffee's neck but he is alive.. hopefully he'll recover soon... and do you know that cream is pregnant.? its her third time of giving birth... she will be delivering maybe tonight or tomorrow because her stomac is very bulgy and big.. what a heroic move for cream... i was very lucky to have them both as my beloved pet hamster.... hamster lover forever - jhay-c

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Posted By: EPOY 2009/05/15 09:53:25 PM
Hamster or Guinea pigs scare away rats and mouse. It's better is the hamster is out of the cage.

Posted By: strawberry 2009/05/15 01:31:18 PM
oh that's so sad!! well its a very great news that coffee survived, cream is pregnant and they love each other! =)

Posted By: ***Coffee & Cream*** family 2009/05/15 11:39:04 AM
feel free to leave some comments... please join my hamster lover club thanks.........

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